A must for Aches, Pains & Stiff Joints

PetCol contains 100% Pure-Col Collagen that has ben tried and tested for over 20 years and is exclusively owned by Perfect Look & Health Ltd

PetCol is ideal for racing and working animals as well as pets.

Helps strengthen internal tissue

Grass-fed, posture raised, bovine collagen

Contributes to general bone and joint health

Promotes healthy hair and skin condition

Our pets, along with our customers, have been taking our collagen products for many years with great results. Subsequently, we decided to launch PetCol to allow all pet owners to share our product with their animals.

A highly absorbable collagen product, PetCol substitutes the decline of your pet’s natural collagen levels, helping to maintain healthy joints, muscles, bones and coat.

Each tub contains 90 capsules of 400mg pure-col collagen. Approximately 1 month supply for a large dog or a small horse or pony.

If you have a small dog between weight 5-15kg, 1 capsule is ideal.

For a medium dog of 15-25 kg weight, 1-2 capsules.

For large dog of weight 25kg plus, 2-3 capsules.

For pony/small horse, 3 capsules is recommended.

For medium/large horse, 4 capsules.

For working/race horse, 5 capsules.

Add the whole capsules to animal food or hand feed.

Helps maintain healthy joints muscles and bone.

Promotes tissue renewal.

Supplements natural decline of collagen.

Non GMO, Gluten free, no pesticides.

Used by breeders, trainers, racing owners and pet lovers.

Helps to maintain healthy skin hair & mane.

Are you looking to keep your pet young and healthy? If yes, click here to buy now. Sign up to become a regular customer and receive a 15% discount code.

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Some words

From our clients

"As a dog owner of many years, I have witnessed first-hand the debilitating effects of joint pain including arthritis, particularly in older dogs. I am a big fan of collagen for preventing and alleviating pain and would recommend PetCol as a trusted brand".

P Johnson

"As a healthcare practitioner, I am a big advocate of prevention over cure for both humans and animals. Using a product like PetCol collagen provides pet owners to help ward off the onset of aches and pains and keep your animal as optimal as possible for as long as possible".

K Suri

Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Email: info@petcol.co.uk Tel: +44 191 291 3385

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